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Sudhir Katkar, Who Dreamt To Make It Big

His remarkable journey from a humble beginning in Mumbai to extraordinary success is unbelievable. Sudhir Katkar at very early childhood days realised his fascination for cinema posters and started painting them in his tiny home under a peepal tree.

He chose to pursue formal training from The JJ School of Arts, utilising all the money which he earned after selling his paintings.

Despite all the financial constraints he faced, he never gave up and continued with his Self-Realised passion for the art.

Henceforth, he carved out a remarkable journey with his grit and conviction.

Sudhir Katkar firmly Believes

“An introduction to my visual world can be understood visually. My inspiration is derived from the general masses who are down to earth people. The sordid colours of their lives don’t come in the limelight without the focus on them. I try to bring out the mellow tales of their lives by bringing bright colours to my work. I try to portray the darker side by brightness, the sunshine, the ethical happiness of little things on the canvas with life, and this go on.”

Sudhir Katkar Portfolio

Sudhir Katkar with over 2000 portraits and distinguished art style has created a niche in the Indian Contemporary art world.

He has made Portraits of several famous personalities like Chatrapati Shivaji, Rajiv Gandhi, Pranlal Bhogilal, Parmanand Pate, Sultan of Oman, and Mother Teresa.

His highly acclaimed portrait has been of business tycoon Late Aditya Birla.

He crafts portraits with such intricate detailing, that only when you gaze long at it realise the paint brushstrokes have made it look so alive.

He has seized the ever-smiling face and twinkling eyes of Dalai Lama with beautiful vibrant colours.

Some of his famous Artworks

A mural on the Quit India Movement for the Congress centenary celebrations is one of his outstanding works.

Sudhir Katkar work can be seen on the walls of palaces of various Sheikhs and Sultans from the Middle Eastern nations.

Apart from portraits, his abstract paintings are mesmerizing. As admitted by him it is inspired by the tradition and culture of Maharashtra.

In his work, we can also see the influence of the spectacular panoramic view and people of Ladakh, Himalayas and Monasteries.

His passion for art can be seen in his series of work

Sudhir Katkar further broadened his boundaries with his artworks on the Buddhist way of life, its belief and its cultural ethos.

It encapsulates his life’s passion, purpose and vision for his art.

He showcased two large-size 10x14 ft Thangka paintings at Jehangir Art Gallery, in Mumbai.

Each of them is a compilation of more than 200 small paintings stitched together on a huge cloth.

It is his modern depiction of traditional Buddhist Thangka art that summarises his decade long Journey to Monasteries.

To believe and connect with his inspiring art journey, please visit

Archive Indianexpress

And witness his Spiritual, Intricate and Mesmerizing artwork.

His art journey from a humble beginning to being amongst the worlds top artists inspires us to dream big.

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