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An Artist Self-Realisation leads to an Empowered Life

This Phrase Reflects In Indrani’s Journey From Self-Realisation To An Empowered Life.

It began on Ma Durga’s Vijay Dashami Day in the village temple. Indrani sat silently in the verandah, after an altercation with Raju and Hemlata. As they mocked her passion for Warli art and her designs on the temple wall. On the other hand same day, Anganwadi Ladies invited her to decorate their centre. Hence, Indrani was confused, whether to cry over what just happened or accept the proposal and move on.

However, that day Indrani Identified her inner natural talent and passion.

Self Discovery

Finally, determined to talk to her parents about it, she stood up and ran frantically towards home. She plucked up all the courage to disclose her desire to pursue Warli art. But to her dismay, they refused to acknowledge it. And before she could further convince them, she was married off to a neighbouring village boy Rambajarang.

Eventually, she bid goodbye with a heavy heart to her grandma, from whom she had inherited her passion for art.

After Marriage, soon Indrani shifted to the city, with her husband.

Revived the Desire To Pursue Her Self-realised Passion for Art

Many years later, on her grandma’s demise, she visited her parents’ house.

When she revisited her grandma’s room decorated with the Warli art wall, all her passion for art reappeared.

The Strong Inner Impulse of Her Soul Overpowered Her Existence

This time she returned to the city with the reignited love for her art. Indrani started gifting her art drawn on paper/ cloth/ mud pots in her neighbourhood. She also started teaching the Warli art to their children.

Indrani’s realisation and transition journey reminds me of Lala Delia famous quote, the author of the book Vibrate Higher Daily

"She Rememebered Who She was
And the Game changed"


The Self-realisation About Her Self-worth Eventually Guided Her To Pursue Her Passion.

While Indrani was striving hard to continue with her art, one of the Anganwadi volunteers met her, who guided Indrani to a village art exhibition, in the city. There, Indrani received an excellent response for her work. Her husband Rambajarang never stopped her from following her love and dedication for the art.

Since then, there is no looking back she continuous to follow her art and her husband manages clients’ portfolios.

There Are Many Real-life Inspiring Stories of Artists Who Have Traversed the Journey of Self-realisation

These enlightened beings persistently followed their passion. Which not only enhanced and Empowered their Life but also liberated them from all their difficult situation.

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